Top Quality PET Preform Scrap

Top Quality PET Preform Scrap, We are counted amongst the renowned Exporters, and Suppliers of PET Preform Scrap. We deal in the finest PET Preform Scrap that can be provided in medium as well as bulk quantities. We have special arrangements for quick shipments. 


PET Perform Scrap consists of factory waste which is rejected due to some minor defect. It comes in original form or crushed form. Colored and Natural forms of Pet Perform Scrap subject to availability. 

Product list of cosmetic preforms
20/410 6gx2500pcs  18/410 6gx2500pcs
8x2000pcs  8gx2000pcs 
10x1840pcs  24/410 11g X 1300pcs 
13x1395pcs  13g X 1300pcs 
15g X 1395pcs  15gx1156pcs
17g X 1326pcs  19gx908pcs 
28/410 18.5g X 675pcs  21gx908pcs 
24g X 700pcs  23g X852pcs 
26g X624pcs  25g X 852pcs 
30g X 624pcs  31g X 705pcs 
35gX 520pcs  35g X 650pcs 
38gX 533pcs  37g X 630pcs 
42gX 533pcs  Other type: 32mm, 36mm, 40mm, 50mm, 52mm, 90mm, ect.
45gX 468pcs 
48gX 468pcs 
20'FCL=560 boxes,   40'FCL=1360 boxes


High quality preform:
1. PCO1881 PET preform
1.No crystallinity
2. PET virgin material
2.No scratches
3. Different colors can be chosen (blue, red, clear, milky, and yellow etc.)
3.High quality surface
4. Grade: food grade,BPA free
4.low acetaldehyde(AA) level
5. Usage:juice,energy,drink,yoghurt soda,plastic water bottle,CSD
5.Minimum eccentricity
6. Thread:screw cap
6.Dimensional stability
7. Provide hot filling PET preforms also.
7.Consistent weight
8. Products from injection PET preform moulds
8.No flash on split lines
Friendly reminder: Our PET preform price is based on the price of raw materials. The published price is for reference only. Please contact customer service for the latest price.