Brand:     Coca-Cola
Size:    24 x 330ml
Shelf life: 18 Months
Label Text:       English

24 Cans per tray
108 trays per pallet
33 Pallets Per Container/Truck

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The number one soft drink on the market is Coca Cola soft drink 330ml. Coca-Cola’s world-leading brand is seen as a symbol of excitement for all. Coca-Cola’s distinctive and distinctive styling as well as brand distinction have become a part of consumers’ lives. In fact, every single minute of every day, a person drinks one of Coca-Cola’s products like Coca-Cola Classic or Coca-light with flavors like vanilla, cherry, or lemon with or without caffeine.


Carbonated drink – About 90% of Coca-Cola is water. Carbonated gas is refined carbon dioxide, which makes the drink appear “bubbly” or “effervescent”.

Sugar – The sweet taste of traditional Coca Cola (as well as the feeling in the mouth) comes from sugar. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coke Light contain no sugar, while Coca-Cola Life is a blend of sugar and plant-derived stevia, sweeteners without sugar from natural sources. Typically, in 100ml Coca-Cola Classic will have 10.6g of sugar. So in Coca-Cola soft drink 330ml will have 31.5g of sugar.

Caramel – A very special caramel that is specially formulated for Coca-Cola, giving the color of the product.

Phosphoric acid – The acrid of Coca-Cola is from phosphoric acid.

Caffeine – A mild bitter taste in the flavor of Coca-Cola is derived from caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in a can of 330ml.

Coca Cola Original Taste Soft Drink 330ml has 32mg caffeine.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar Soft Drink 330ml has 32mg caffeine.

Coca Cola Light Soft Drink 330ml has 42mg caffeine.

If you do not want caffeine, you should have caffeine-free fizzy drinks like Fanta soft drink, Sprite soft drink.

Many people are surprised to know that caffeine is one of the ingredients that make Coca-Cola a unique flavor. Caffeine is an ingredient that is consumed daily in beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Do not everyone drinks caffeine and not everyone wants to use it for a long time, so in the market have a wide range of caffeine-free drinks, including caffeine-free Coke for all. People can choose for themselves and their families.

Coca-cola soft drink natural flavor. The essence of Coca-Cola’s secret recipe is a blend of natural flavors. This is the most secret and most secret of the formula.

When you drink coca-cola drink will feel good, after hours of work tired, stress, especially when eating hot food or greasy. Feeling refreshed and joyful with friends, relatives.

Coca Cola’s campaign Taste the feeling, the highlight of the campaign will bring to the public the images, video clips, music, animation … creativity fever by my own story, brother and sister, lovers, family…

We are the same when carrying a happy feeling with love, live pressure, sad at break up. And all those moments, those emotions, will be shared with Coca Cola. Hero is the bottle Coca-Cola has followed and witnessed each passing year. The Coca-Cola character is the one who connects, living with each other moments and millions of moments across the world. Let’s enjoy Coca Cola Soft Drink.