Green lentils are about the same size as brown lentils but with a glossy surface. They cook longer, about 45 minutes yet they hold their shape well after cooking, which makes them a good choice for salads. Green lentils are often described as earthy in taste and texture. That makes them prized among chefs and home cooks looking for an alternative to traditional starchy sides.

French lentils are French green lentils or du Puy lentils: small, slate-gray or green lentils with a peppery taste. They cook in 15 to 20 minutes and hold their shape very well, thus they are a first choice for salads.

When brought to a boil and  in broth and mushrooms, green lentils make a fantastic perch for grilled salmon, roasted chicken, or a baked pork chop. Put any leftovers to good use in a fab French Lentil Salad.